Greetings from Wolfpack Country!

Fall semester is rushing by and exciting things are happening all over campus.  On-campus students gain significant growth and understanding from the experience of living in a diverse community of fellow students, faculty and staff.  Living on campus is designed to promote personal and academic development, and we see evidence of that every day.

University Housing has just started construction on the first student residences on Centennial Campus, the largest residential project ever built on our campus.  This project will provide a variety of apartments for 1,195 undergraduate and graduate students on Centennial Campus.  Additionally, this project will feature a variety of dining options and a bookstore.  It will be located adjacent to the Colleges of Engineering and Textiles, across from the new Hunt Library, currently under construction.  Phase 1 of this project will open fall of 2013.

Soon after the December holiday break, students will be asked to consider where to live next year.  The signup process to return to campus begins in mid-February.  The majority of our freshmen choose to come back to campus for their sophomore year, and many juniors and seniors live on campus as well.  Students who live on campus will continue to benefit from convenience to classes, the library, dining and other services.

If your student wants to move off campus, be sure to help them examine living options carefully.   For instance, look for safety features such as fire sprinklers and alarm systems.  All of our campus residence halls have sprinklers, but many off-campus options do not.  Consider the total cost of rent, utilities, deposits, etc., as well as transportation realities, before making commitments.

We are here to support your students while they pursue their academic and personal goals. Our hope is that every student will attain a sense of direction and develop the confidence to accomplish great things.

Timothy R. Luckadoo, Ph.D.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

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