Help Your Student Stay Secure At State

At NC State, creating a safe, secure environment for both students and staff is priority one. The following information, contributed by the Division of Environmental Health and Public Safety, includes assorted services and suggestions to help ensure your student enjoys a safe, healthy stay while living on campus:



•  Lock all doors and windows when in your room or away

•  Do not permit someone you don’t know entry into your residence

•  Report any suspicious persons or incidents to the police immediately

•  Always walk in well-lighted areas at night

•  Don’t walk alone after hours



In conjunction with University Housing, the University Police Department provides a safety escort service to protect students, faculty and staff during the hours of darkness on campus. Contracted security guards will provide a walking safety escort to any location on Main Campus. They will also provide a driving safety escort to outer areas of campus, including the Vet School, the Avent Ferry Complex and Centennial Campus.  Once a request for an escort has been made, the response time for an escort is approximately 15 minutes.  We do try to prioritize requests; individuals and those at remote locations may take priority over groups and those in buildings.  Response time may also depend upon demand and time of night.  Safety escorts are limited to groups of no more than 3 people at a time.

You can identify University Police officers by their uniform and/or their department identification card.  Police Officers wear the standard royal blue police department uniforms.

Contracted security guards can be identified by their white and black uniforms designated by “Budd Security Group,” as well as by the Budd Security Group Safety Escort vehicle.

To request an escort, call 919.515.3000, or use a Blue Light Emergency Phone, found at many locations across campus.

For more information, visit:

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