Family uses ‘toolbox’ to build NC State tradition

Left to Right: The Hunt Family – Craig, Melissa and Denise.

Family traditions take shape in a wide variety of guises. For some folks, it’s a summer trip to the beach, for others, a holiday dinner. For Craig and Denise Hunt, and their family – it’s a toolbox.

For the last several years, to help prepare for each of their daughters’ campus living stints at NC State, Craig and Denise have made an annual pilgrimage to Lowes or Costco in search of screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, a personalized toolbox to hold them in – and the crown jewel – a big silver shelving unit with wheels.

This might sound like a peculiar tradition for some, but for the Hunt clan, it makes perfect sense.

“Every one of the girls has one of these,” said Denise. “We have four or five in our basement and they are the best thing since sliced bread; the perfect, versatile piece of furniture.”

Denise adds that the multi-purpose units have played many roles for the girls in their residence hall rooms, functioning as storage compartments, TV stands and room dividers. But most of all, these traditional hardware fixtures represent a unique, shared tradition that has evolved into a quirky and fondly remembered chapter of the family’s NC State heritage.

Melissa, the fourth Hunt to attend State, said she had the perfect color in mind when selecting her toolbox.

“When we went shopping for one, I picked NC State red,” she said. “It sort of made going to college official.”

“Shopping for the toolboxes is a lot of fun, and something we do as a family,” said Denise. “Melissa is a sophomore at State this year, so she’s taken care of; now, we have one more to go.”

Next in line for the Hunts, future NC State graduate number five, high school senior Martha. Craig is no doubt already browsing the aisles of local hardware stores in search of the perfect tools for when the family’s next Wolfpack member lands on campus this fall.

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